What We Do

1. Establish community leaders and volunteers
To bring forward change and sustainability, it is crucial that key leaders are established. In addition, without the commitment of trained and willing volunteers, programs such as feeding and Home Based Care would not run as they are meant to.

2. Home Based Care
Home Based Care is where SC’s roots lie. It was with a prayer and some oil where Theresa Malila began this first step of her ministry to Malawian communities. HBC regularly visit and pray for HIV positive individuals and families, provide basic medication and hospital transport, and support the stress of regular household activities.

3. Feeding & Early Childhood Education
Due to high poverty rates in Malawi, many children are malnourished, often not receiving even one meal a day. Feeding programs have changed the lives of many children, relieving stress from parents and providing small children with mind stimulation.

4. Widows and Income Generating Activities
Somebody Cares’ heart is for the orphan and the widow. The number of widows in Malawi is extremely high and many of these women struggle to feed their families. To help these women reach a sustainable level, SC has established income generating programs such as jewelry making, soap making, tailoring, and more.

5. Community Child Care Center

The CCCC’s provide a safe place of shelter for the community; it is here where feeding and early childhood education take place and where widows and HIV positive support groups meet.

6. Youth and Pastoral
The youth are the future of Malawi, the ones who will lead their nation forward. SC’s youth are called YAFORCE (Youth Aliiance for Change). Girl empowerment, leadership skills, HIV/AIDS awareness, and discipleship are all major areas SC focuses on.

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