About Us

The Somebody Cares team is led by Theresa Malila and co-led by her daughter Keta Ngosi. The team is comprised of 13 staff members and over 300 community volunteers. These dedicated staff member and volunteers work towards developing communities in and around Lilongwe.

Our Vision:
Somebody Cares’ vision comes from 1 John 3:18 which says: “Dear children, let us not love with word or tongue but with actions and in truth.” Somebody Cares believes that God’s church, the body of believers empowered with his love and compassion, need to act by becoming “Repairers of Walls”- : the walls of our communities- by reaching out to the poor, the vulnerable, the marginalized, the orphan, the widow and to those affected and infected by the HIV & AIDS pandemic. Somebody Cares also has five key objectives that can be found in the acronym C.A.R.E.S.

C CARE: Caring is the active demonstration of Christ’s love to those in the communities where SC works. Somebody Cares are the hands and feet that are acting. For example, food, shelter, water, clothes, volunteers, bedding, love, compassion, touching, accepting, counseling, etc.

A ADVOCATE: This is where SC tries to change the way things are – to work towards bringing change so that things improve. For example, awareness workshops for leaders, biblical training re. the family and leadership, keeping children safe toolkit, voice for the voiceless, protecting, speaking out, inclusion of people with disabilities campaign, etc.

R RESOURCES: This is where SC provides or facilitates connections to access the things that are needed to get the job done – buildings, food, money, training, training manuals, trainers, teachers, best practice examples, Bibles, bikes, boreholes, eco-san toilets, etc.

E EMPOWER: This is where SC helps people to believe in themselves – to believe that they can achieve something that will help them and their families and their communities to improve. This includes education, poverty alleviation (IGA’s), community gardens, food security, spiritual transformation, including people with disabilities, restoring dignity and self-respect, hope, etc.

S SERVICE/SUPPORT: This is where SC provides the support that is necessary in order for all of the above to happen – the infrastructure, the coordinating office, handling logistics, organizing training, communication, networking, etc.

Mission Statement:
To proclaim and establish the profound dignity of every human being because our human dignity comes from God our creator not man! Nothing we go through or experience (deprivation or suffering) can remove this dignity – for we are always precious in the sight of God. Therefore Somebody Cares brings hope to the dying, sick, suffering and most of all the ones most affected -vulnerable and orphaned children and widows. SC seeks to restore a society that is broken and a generation that is dying. SC provides education and creates awareness on HIV & AIDS in order to impact society at the core (the family) and get involved with caring and building of communities so they are empowered. Somebody Cares, by building a foundation on Biblical Principles, will rely on God to come and transform the communities within which it works.

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