Chatimba Bursting At The Seams

The rural community of Chatimba has seen the number of children participating in the feeding program grow from about 200 children to almost 700 over the past few months.  Since the feeding shelter is too small to accommodate all the children, many of them have to meet outside. There is such excitement within the community at what is happening that many of the women in the village – including widows, grannies and mothers  are taking turns to come and cook for the children.

Today, about  400 children are attending the Early Childhood Education Program.  This program has doubled in size since early May. The community recently received a new teacher, and trained teachers from the community of Chikudzulire have visited in order to provide teacher training for the Chatimba teachers. The children are now even learning a bit of English!

The WOW Children’s party, which provided over 200 children with school uniforms started this massive growth.

We are grateful to God for this huge amount of growth, but it has made teachers and caregivers feel overwhelmed as they serve the children on a daily basis.